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Kingswood Regional High School provides a safe learning community in which all students and educators work together to preserve our past and shape our future as we reach for personal success.  Kingswood Regional High School is committed to an equitable and flexible learning environment where students and educators learn to:
·         Develop academically as inquisitive, critical, independent and cooperative learners.
·         Develop respect for ourselves and others.
·         Embrace the challenges and responsibilities of participating in a democratic society.
·         Nurture individual talents and abilities.

Course Description:
This course is a comprehensive survey course beginning with early humans and finishing with modern world issues.  We will travel back in time investigating major world civilizations, considering themes of culture, politics, economics and social organization.  During the first half of the course, we will focus on ancient cultures and world religions.  During the second half of the course, we will evaluate the development of Western Civilization and conclude with an exploration of modern global conflicts and issues.

Course Materials:
3” three ring binder with lined paper and dividers
Pencil, pen, highlighter

Student Responsibilities:
Attendance and promptness is extremely important in all Social Studies courses.  Class participation, honing communication and debate skills, and developing a safe and respectful intellectual environment are important elements of our classroom community.  It is your responsibility to contact me and arrange make-up work for any absence.  Our class blog will be utilized for this purpose frequently.  You have a grace period of 2 days to turn in make-up work from excused absences. TASC period must be utilized to make up quizzes and tests upon students return.  Late work will be deducted points accordingly.

Group Work:
Cooperative learning will almost always include an individual component to the assignment.  The group grade and individual grade will be averaged for a final grade.  One of the most challenging aspects of group work can be making sure that all members contribute equally to the final project.  Part of my job as the instructor of this course, is to be available to groups to help resolve any issues that may arise. Come see me sooner, rather than later, if there are problems that need to be addressed.

Individual Assignments and Projects:
This course emphasizes the development of critical thinking in the area of world history.  Our frequent writing assignments require informed and well-reasoned inquiry into current events and central issues in various time periods throughout history.  All formal writing assignments must be typed in 12 pt. font and double-spaced.   Proofreading is a must! I strongly recommend submitting drafts of writing assignments for comment and review before your final submission.

Grading Policy:
10%    Class Participation
10%     Quizzes
20%     Homework
20%     Tests
20%     Projects
20%     Writing assignments

            Red Flag                                                                     Intervention
            Grade point average 75% or below                            Conference with teacher to develop a
            at first two-week check                                              plan to get back on track.

            Test grade of 75% or below                                        Mandatory make-up session.

            Missing two homework assignments                          Mandatory TASC session to
                                                                                                make up assignments.

            Grade point average of 75% or below                        Call home to parent.  Mandatory
            at interims                                                                   TASC session to bring up grade.

            Missing three or more consecutive                              Call home; mandatory make-up
            Classes or more than five classes (term)                     session with on-line assignments

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