Wednesday 1/28

In Class: we started Chapter 1 Section 1 in the Powerpoint, read a short essay on the Clovis Point and started to think about the origins of man and the globalization of humankind.
Homework: Read and take notes on Chapter 1 Section 2.

Thursday 1/29
Class: We reviewed note-taking strategies (use the headings and subtitles, spacing and highlighting to emphasize important points), Covered all of Chapter 1 Section 1 in the powerpoint and watched  the video Toward Civilization.  If you were absent you are responsible for watching it on the blog and answering the Focus Questions (these are under "pages" on the blog)
Homework: Read Only Chapter 1 Section 3.  Chapter 1 Section 2 - review your notes and the strategies discussed in class and compare them to my powerpoint.  Add anything you may have missed.

Friday 1/30
Class:  Watch Guns, Germs and Steel and answer Focus Questions (under Pages); Complete the Chapter 1 Section 3 "Section Assessment" on pg. 36
Homework: Read "The Iceman" pgs. 38-41 and respond to the prompt: Identify and discuss three important aspects of Iceman's discovery.

Tuesday 2/4
Class: Reviewed and collected blizzard bag, reviewed and collected Iceman Reading Questions
Homework: Catch-up day

Wednesday 2/5
Class: Neolithic revolution board notes, Neolithic Revolution outline, work on Introduction to Neolithic Revolution Essay.
Homework: Neolithic Revolution Essay (start)

Friday 2/7
Class: Journals through history: "From Nomads to Civilization"
           Powerpoint Chapter 1 Section 3
HW: Neolithic Revolution Essay Due Monday

Tuesday 2/10
Class: Egypt Powerpoint
            Search: Journals through History - Constructing Civilization Video
             Directions: Goto Discovery Education. login: jdocarmo71  Password: menina
            Queen Hatshepsut reading and discussion questions
HW: Read pages 54-57
         Q. What was life like for the average Egyptian worker?
          Q. How did they influence Egyptian culture?

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